Coming July 16, 2019

30 Days to Breakthrough: Becoming Bold and Courageous

~Kathi Pelton

Are you stirred by stories of adventure and courage? Does your heart race as you read the narratives in Scripture of men and women who accomplished great exploits through faith and obedience?

30 Days to Breakthrough: Becoming Bold and Courageous will help you:

  • Identify and remove roots of fear and condemnation
  • Discover comfort and strength by living in the fear of the LORD
  • Leave behind the “orphan” mentality and receive the Father’s warm welcome
  • Walk boldly with deep confidence in His overwhelming love for you
  • Live courageously under the protection and anointing of your great Savior!

Jesus is raising a company of champions. He is preparing His bride, a heroic remnant who love Him and follow Him wherever He leads. Join with your brothers and sisters in Christ who together will not shrink back in fear, but advance boldly in the authority of the Lord, praying “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

​​​From the Foreword by Nate Johnston:
I am so excited for you to dive into the pages of this book and feast on its nourishing revelation and drink from its refreshing streams until every fibre of your being is awoken to your full stature in Christ, and hell begins to regret the day it ever messed with you...

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Fall 2019

Plumb Line: Prophetic Foundations

~Daneen Bottler

Every building needs a foundation. Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone of our faith and hope, and every word of prophetic utterance must reveal Him in all His glory and mercy. Learn vital foundational principles and keys for releasing, receiving, and discerning prophetic messages.






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The Yielding: A Lifestyle of Surrender 

~Jeffrey and Kathi Pelton

This is an invitation into supernatural life. With their trademark style of weaving together prophetic, biblical teaching and personal stories, the authors uncover the deep joy and powerful communion with God that occurs when we lay down our own strength and yield to His relentless love and mercy. Echoing Mary’s prayer “Be it unto me according to your word,” the authors lead us on a journey of discovery, stopping often along the way to point out treasures hidden even among the thorns and thistles of daily life. Jesus invites you into life more abundant than your natural mind can conceive. This book will encourage you to yield to the unparalleled adventure of knowing Him more intimately.


30 Days to Breakthrough: Stepping into Peace

The first book in Kathi Pelton’s “30 Days” series. In a world afflicted and marred by constant chaos, some may feel that peace is unattainable. When challenging circumstances arise, a battle is played out in our minds: “What will I trust? Who will I trust? Is there anyone or anything that I CAN trust? How do I make sure I and my loved ones will be safe?” When we know God and His peaceful rule, it sets us free from strife and fear. We are not subject to the winds of chaos and confusion that blow throughout the earth, but instead we have His abiding presence that leads us out of the belief systems of the world into the freedom of transformation.


The Sounds of Christmas

Music, more than any other art form, appeals directly to the emotions. Christmas songs bring us great joy and teach us more about our incredible Lord certainly make them a fitting subject for a book. The great nineteen-century preacher Charles Spurgeon once said, If the angels ushered in the gospel’s great Head with singing, ought I not to preach with singing? And ought not my hearers to live with singing? We agree, and invite you to come read, sing, and let us adore Him.

Coming fall 2019
Canticle in the Darkness (Jeffrey Pelton)

The long road of freedom from addiction; from despair to rejoicing. One life’s redemptive journey recounted in true-life parables.

Possessing Promises: Lessons from Joshua (Steve Trujillo)

It can be difficult to navigate the murky waters of culture and confusion in our day. Learn keys and strategies for victorious living from the life of Joshua, the son of Nun, successor to Moses,